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B.O.N.D (Building On A New Direction) is a Youth Leadership group that is trained in Restorative practices at FHSA. B.O.N.D is way for students to (you guessed it..) bond while also learning important life skills and strategies that could benefit our school environment and world as a whole. B.O.N.D facilitates monthly restorative circles for students and staff members.
Dance Team here at FHSA specializes in hip-hop, reggae, afro, bachata & salsa! This club is a comforting space for anyone willing to break out of their comfort and trying something new! Dance Team meets weekly, and creates student-choreographed pieces for Town Hall and sports events at FHSA!
Soaring Sisters provides a space for female-identifying students to acquire the right tools and mindset to thrive in the world as an entrepreneurial young woman. Our collaboration with girls inc. now allows us to have informational sessions led in which you'll learn and discuss topics such as financial literacy, goal setting, mental health, entrepreneurship, relationships and much more!
Gaming Club is a space where anyone can join and connect over their passion for playing video games! You can learn new things from others, and unwind together weekly!
Cover Band  is a club for anyone interested in instrumental music and/or vocal performance! Whether you are a music major or not, this is your chance to partake in an ensemble and learn more about instruments and music! Expand your horizons and try out Cover Band.
Student Council is an opportunity for all students in all grades to try out a leadership position to represent their cohorts! Elections for voting council members into their positions happen in the Spring. Student council allows elected cohort representatives to show the school community how dedicated you are! It’s never too early or too late to show your school spirit and get involved.
KPOP Club is a space for any individuals fascinated by Korean culture! This club gives you a platform to bond over having a similar music taste to others, that you may not have been aware of, and a way to learn more about and celebrate Asian culture as a whole!

RUOK is a mental health club where we try to foster a safe and open environment to vent, learn about different ways to maintain a healthy mind, and take part in fun activities to de-stress and unload any and all burdens.